Hi there! I'm Patricia Beaubelle DeVoe, family photographer in Orange County, CA.

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Capturing beautiful stories through pictures. 

I used to only be known as Patricia Beaubelle, then I married my college sweetheart 9 years ago and joined the DeVoe family. But of course I am still a Beaubelle (just not on paper anymore) and decided it was the perfect name to give this photographic layer of my life. My journey into photography started while I was a Beaubelle (my Aunt Judy was the first person to spark my interest) and it has continued throughout my life, especially during school and after the births of my two little ones. The name Beaubelle also reflects what I strive for in my photography-- beauty. I love to capture beautiful moments for families to remember and cherish for generations. 

I use natural light for all of my photography, which to me is so beautiful. You are welcome to choose the location of your session or I am also happy to share with you my favorite locations. 

Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you will reach out to me with any questions or just to say hi. You can also find me on Facebook and InstagramI would love to hear from you!