Tiffany is ONE // Orange County Children Photographer

I met this little lady when she was just 3 DAYS old! She was my very first newborn session (other than practicing on my own kids) and I am so grateful her mama Erin gave me the opportunity. For the past 22+ years we have known each other, Erin has always been a supportive friend and was one of the firsts to encourage me to pursue my passion for photography. 

Since Tiffany was my first newborn session, it only seemed fitting for her to be my FIRST smash cake session!! The funny thing was, Tiffany was NOT that interested in smashing her cute ombre cake. So her session wasn't as messy as expected but it sure was adorable! Even big sister Whitney joined in for some photos!

I really love the photo with the white crate that says "ONE" in chalk. It's the same crate we placed her in for her newborn photos! It's amazing what a difference one year can make! 

Flashback to Baby Tiffany!

Little Tiffany was a sweet dream during our session together, just soooo calm and sleepy. After her session, I was officially HOOKED on newborn photography! Newborn babies are AMAZING and I really just can't get enough of them. Here are a few of my favorite photos of sweet Tiffany taken one year ago. Recognize the crate from her one year session?!

Photos by Beaubelle Photography, Photographer in Orange County, CA.