Vivienne // Orange County Children Photography

Oh this daughter of mine, it's hard for me to put into words how much I love her. Before she was born, I wondered how I could love another person as much as I loved my son Everett, but it's amazing how my heart has expanded to fit her in too.

If you haven't met Vivienne yet, let me just give you a short snapshot of my three year old sidekick. Vivi is sweet, social (always making friends), kind (tells me I am beautiful everyday) and has so much spunk (she knows what she wants!).  She loves flowers (hence the crown for her photos), bunnies (this park had lots of them, so it was perfect) and laughing at my silly jokes (see below). Here are a few of my photos that capture her personality. She is growing and changing constantly, so I know as time goes on, I will cherish these photos even more than I do now! 

Keep smiling, 

Photos by Beaubelle Photography, children photographer in Orange County, CA.